Boost your productivity with the new DL480-7 Develon wheel loader. Exceptional power – combined with the finest workmanship – results in machines that perform at the highest level.

The DL480-7 enhance your output from every angle Impressive breakout force and high traction make penetration easy and allow you to tackle the hardest materials.

Machine spec

Bucket capacity 4.8 m³
Tipping load 20.769 kg
Static tipping load, at 40° 18.331 kg
Length with bucket 9.363 mm
Width with bucket 3.300 mm
Height 3.635 mm
Dump height (at 45°) with bolt-on cutting edge 3.088 mm
Dump reach (at 45°) with bolt-on cutting edge 1.452 mm
Wheelbase 3.550 mm
Engine Scania DC13 Stage V (6-cylinder)
Operating weight 26.410 kg
Engine power 257 kW (345 HP) at 1800 rpm
Breakout force 181 kN

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