Compact is the word for the new Develon DX10Z!

At only 71 cm wide and with foldable TOPS, this mini excavator can sneak through most doors. And with zero tail swing, DX10Z allows you to work up against walls in the most confined spaces.

Yet this manoeuvrable mini excavator operates like many larger machines. The undercarriage can be extended to 1.10 m, providing the base for unbeatable lifting capacity. Inside, you have plenty of room for your legs, a quiet environment, and joystick positions you can adjust for your own comfort.

A compact mini excavator you’ll be delighted to work with!

Machine spec

Operating weight 1.176 kg
Engine (SAE J1349) 7.4 kW / 9.9 HP
Width 710 mm
Max. reach ground level 3093 mm
Max. digging depth 1820 mm
Max. dumping height 1818 mm
Max. digging force – bucket 8294 N
Max. digging force – arm 5550 N
Travel speed fast / slow 3.1 / 2.1 km/h
Max. reach ground level (short / long arm) 3145 / –
Max. digging depth (std / long arm) 1820 / – mm
Engine D722-EF15 (Stage V)

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