Develon DX85R-7 high performance hydraulic excavator Offers a host of redesigned features and new technologies to ensure smooth operation, superior productivity and stability, top-class operator comfort and improved fuel efficiency. This powerful machine will give your job site a huge boost.

Thanks to new Main Control Valve, the machine can be precisely controlled in single and complex operations with the improved performance by reducing the internal pressure loss and the front hydraulic flow matched to the workload. This contributes to great fuel economy and smooth operation.

Machine spec

Maximum power 48.5 KW
Operating weight 9528 KG
Bucket capacity 0.28 m3
Standard arm 1700 mm
Long arm 2250 mm
Max. digging reach 7015/7530 mm
Max digging depth 4110/4670 mm
Travel speed 2.9/4.8 km/h

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