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Introducing Develon’s Latest DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 Mini Excavators

Pioneer Plant is pleased to present the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 models from Develon, which represent the most recent developments in mini-excavators. These state-of-the-art machines provide considerable gains in terms of maintenance, performance and flexibility.

More Power from the Kubota Engine

The Kubota D902 Stage V diesel engine, which has 25% greater displacement and 20% more power, powers both variants. This strong engine is ideal for various construction and landscaping tasks since it ensures stable performance, improved fuel efficiency and easier maintenance.

Sturdy and Condensed Design

The compact dimensions and robust top construction of the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 mini-excavators make them ideal for use in tight locations. The DX17Z-7 features a 1.75 m boom and a 1.03 m arm, with an optional 1.23 m arm for extended reach. It also comes with a cast 180 kg counterweight, and an additional 85 kg counterweight is available upon request. The DX19-7 includes a 65 kg counterweight for both standard and extended arm variants. Cylinder guards protect the front assembly, minimising damage and downtime.

Cutting-Edge Hydraulic Systems with Flexibility

The hydraulic systems in both mini-excavators feature one- and two-way proportional flow, controllable via a thumbwheel on the right joystick. Pre-installed quick coupler piping makes moving between attachments simple. These machines are highly adaptable to different site conditions due to their retractable tracks, adjustable from 1290 mm to 994 mm. This enhances stability and manoeuvrability, a key benefit for Pioneer Plant’s customers.

User Comfort and Simplicity of Use

The DX17Z-7 is available with a canopy, while the DX19-7 offers both canopy and cab options. Both versions feature a 5-inch digital display, clearly showing equipment status and maintenance requirements. The DX19-7’s cab includes a radio, heater, and quick defrost system, ensuring operator comfort in all weather conditions.

Complete Safety and Practicality Features

Standard safety features include LED lights, a revolving beacon, and a mechanical suspension seat for enhanced operator comfort and safety. The integrated travel speed switch and pilot lamp allow for quick speed adjustments, boosting productivity and control during operation.


Among other things, these innovative mini-excavators are ideal for construction, gardening, and utility applications. They can readily do challenging tasks thanks to their powerful engines and advanced hydraulics, and their small size makes it possible for them to work effectively in tight locations.

Maintenance and Longevity

The DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 from Develon are designed with maintenance in mind, featuring easily accessible service locations and sturdy components that guarantee long-term reliability. Companies in the construction business can choose these mini-excavators at a reasonable price because of their emphasis on ease of maintenance, which lowers operating expenses and downtime.

Pioneer Plant offers Develon’s DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 mini-excavators, which are known for their tremendous performance, advanced hydraulic systems, and user-friendly design, setting a new standard in the industry. These qualities make them highly regarded by experts looking for dependable, adaptable, and efficient machinery for their projects.

To find out more about the Develon DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 Mini Excavators, get in touch with us on 01536 697571

News archive

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Introducing Develon’s Latest DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 Mini Excavators

Pioneer Plant is pleased to present the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7 models from Develon, which represent the most recent developments in


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