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The Develon DA30-7 Dump Truck

The Develon DA30-7 dump truck is a real workhorse

The Develon DA30-7 Dump Truck is built for a long working life and is easy to operate and maintain. Their unique design and outstanding fuel efficiency make them unbeatable in their field. The DA30 offers best-in-class ground clearance & ground bearing pressure. Combined with superior torque at low engine RPM, and superior power and traction, they offer you the best productivity.

Here’s some key specification for the Develon DA30-7 dump truck:

Scania DC 09 engine: 276 kW (370 HP) at 2100 rpm. Unique design of rear frame, body, and front-mounted differential on transmission make the Develon machine the most compact ADT in its class, which results in smallest turning radius and outstanding stability.

Develon DA30-7 Dump Truck

Dump trucks play a pivotal role in various industrial sectors, serving as indispensable workhorses they are key to the efficient movement of materials and debris within the construction, mining, and waste management industries. In construction, dump trucks are a staple on job sites, transporting aggregates like sand, gravel, and crushed stone to help with the creation of foundations, roads, and buildings.

Within the mining industry, dump trucks are integral to the extraction and transportation of massive amounts of earth, minerals, and ores from excavation sites to processing areas. Their durability and specialised adaptations make them well-suited to handle the harsh conditions and heavy loads associated with mining operations.

Added to this, dump trucks are vital in waste management, assisting in the collection and transportation of refuse from homes, businesses, and industries to landfills or recycling centers. This aids in maintaining cleanliness and environmental hygiene. Their versatility, strength, and efficiency make them an invaluable asset across diverse sectors, enhancing productivity and contributing to the development of modern infrastructure.


To order or find out more about the Develon DA30-7 dump truck, then get in touch with us on 01536 697571 or find out more here.

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